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Explore Curaçao

There's so much to do and see on Curacao and many ways to explore the island. You can rent a car and discover the sites and wonders on your own, or you can select specific tours offered by various groups throughout Curacao.

Curacao offers salsa tours, hiking and safari tours, historic walking tours, underwater tours, trolley tours, Jewish heritage tours, culinary tours, guided ATV tours, beach tours, snorkeling tours and this is just a few of the many provided.

For additional information and assistance, please see our concierge or front desk; they will be happy to help you discover the distinctive beauty of Curacao.

Curacao is perhaps one of the best kept secret of the Caribbean, bursting with year round warm sunny weather and a delightful soothing easterly trade wind. Plus, we're located just 44 miles from South America, making us 100% hurricane free! Curacao offers dozens of exquisite beaches, world class diving, stunning architecture, intriguing music, art, culinary delights and an extremely welcoming and family friendly local population Our history is rich in culture and heritage.

And with a local native population blending Dutch, Spanish, West Indian, Latin and African; Curacao provides plenty of thriving multi-cultural diversity, intriguing music, art, cuisine and adventures for every interest.