There's so much to do and see on Curacao and many ways to explore the island. You can rent a car and discover the sites and wonders on your own, or you can select specific tours offered by various groups throughout Curacao.

Curacao offers salsa tours, hiking and safari tours, historic walking tours, underwater tours, trolley tours, Jewish heritage tours, culinary tours, guided ATV tours, beach tours, snorkeling tours and this is just a few of the many provided.

For additional information and assistance, please see our concierge or front desk; they will be happy to help you discover the distinctive beauty of Curacao.

Eco & Outdoor

Curacao Floating Market ( 2 minute walk)

Be sure to discover Curacao's famous "Floating Market", located in Punda and just footsteps from the Plaza Hotel.

Here you will find one of Curacao's most famous and picturesque sights featuring numerous Venezuelan merchants selling their fresh fish, products and spices from small fishing boats.

Curacao Seaquarium (10 minute drive)

The Curacao Sea Aquarium is a beautiful aquarium complex offering a healthy coral reef and is one of the most unique open-water-systems in the world. The Curacao Seaquarium offers more than 400 specimens from around the waters of Curacao.
The Dolphin Academy

Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue  ( 2 minute walk)

Regardless of your religion, the Mikve Israel- Emanuel Synagogue is an inspiring venue and fascinates everyone.

The oldest synagogue building in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere, was founded in 1651 by 12 families from Amsterdam.

Discover many interesting and unusual objects illustrating the culture and history of the Jewish community of which many are still in use in the Synagogue today.

Christoffel National Park (35 minute drive)

At 1,200 feet above sea level, the mountain and park is home to many beautiful domestic flora and fauna. The park is also rich in culture and history.

Christoffel National Park (35 minute drive)

The Curacao Ostrich and Game Farm is one of the biggest farms outside Africa. With over 600 birds, the farm is open daily.
You can see little chicks from one day old to big adults from over 8 years old. You can even hold an Ostrich-Egg, stroke a little baby and much, much more.

The Hato Caves( 15 minute drive)

The Hato Caves were formed millions of years ago, during the Ice Age. The Hato cave covers an area of 4900 m2, and is the home to the beautiful limestone formations, romantic pools, waterfall and our famous Madonna statue. Also inside the Cave is a colony of seldom seen long nose fruit bats.


Browse Curacao's astonishing array of museums and galleries - a collection of traditional and contemporary art, history, religion, and much more from local and international artists. To list a few; Curacao Museum, Kura Hulanda Slavery Museum, Maritime Museum, Jewish Cultural Historical Museum, The National Archaeological Anthropological Museum and much more.

Shete Boka Park (40 minute drive)

The Shete Boka park covers an area of more than 10 km of the north coast of the island and with some 10 pocket beaches where 3 species of sea turtle are known to lay eggs.

The park begins at stunning Boka Tabla where huge waves thunder into an underground cavern. You can sit on the very edge and watch the surf roll in. You can enjoy a spectacular view of Curacaos rugged north coast.